My Night-Time Facial Routine

I know a lot of you may think this sounds like to much to do before bed. In reality, it only takes about 5-10 minutes to complete your nightly facial cleanse routine. Cleansing your face at night is the most important, especially with those who wear makeup, and NO, a make up wipe will not do the job. Leaving your makeup on overnight, leaves your skin having to fight off the radicals from the make up which breakdown your healthy collagen, and we need that healthy collagen to keep those fine lines and wrinkles away!  

The first skincare product I use as part of my night-time skincare routine is the Vitamin C Cleanser to cleanse my face. I apply a few drops of water to my face and then apply the cleanser on my finger tips and rub in circular motion for about 30 seconds. I use the reusable bamboo cotton rounds to remove the cleanser from my face. I use an upward motion from my chin up to my cheeks going towards my ear. When wiping my forehead i also start from my eyebrows and wipe upward.

The Vitamin C cleanser not only smells amazing but it enhances collagen production and enhances blood flow circulation to the face.  

Afterwards, I apply the Naturally Exfoliating Toner using a cotton pad. There are times I will go over my face twice. This toning solution should only be used for night time routine. I have used this for years while trying other skin products for my night time routine and it always leaves my skin feeling smooth.

Then, I apply the Active Eye Cream as my night-time eye cream. This has helped with my dark circles and bags under my eyes as well as wrinkles!

My Final step is to apply a serum, oil or cream to my face. My go-to product is the Rose Gold Anti-Aging Serum because it’s beautiful and leaves my skin hydrated. Plus I want to make sure my face stays Flawless!  I do switch from time to time for oil/serum to a cream but either one would need to be applied as the last step.

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